AssholePatrol Slam Poetry In 60 Seconds


AssholePatrol Slam Poetry In 60 Seconds

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[AssholePatrol Every Slam Poem Ever Satire]

I open by addressing a group of people I chose from a list
My options are narrow: white, straight, or cis
My voice trembles a little, making me sound emotional
But then I get louder, my verses commotional, and the rhyme scheme stops
And I look off into the distance as I build a crescendo of forced and fake passion and yell a cliche condemnation
You see, it’s not really for me when the audience cheers because I’ve only told the audience what they expected to hear
Because you see, slam poetry is no longer personal, mate
Because the person you hear is who you impersonate
And that’s what happens when you recite your art from the list of beliefs that an ideologically, uniform environment allows you to think
See, I act like I’m deep, but I’m a pretender.
The only topics I speak on are race, sex, and gender
So think about it when I share my opinions with you
That they all can be reduced to a hashtag or two
Slam Poetry Sucks

AssholePatrol Slam Poetry In 60 Seconds

AssholePatrol Slam Poetry In 60 Seconds

Poem by: Walter Thornburgh

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