Artist Talks About His Adult Doll Business


Artist Talks About His Adult Doll Business

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[Artist Talks About His Adult Doll Business]

You know, I think artists as a whole have this sort of weird thing where you’re just driven to do something and sometimes you don’t really know why, but I was always driven to scalpt females and it just evolved. This was like, the logical progression of what I wanted to do with my artistic abilities and my desire to create.


I’ve always been sort of a recluses a little bit, so I spent a lot of the time in the garage by myself.

There were obviously family that I was, you know sort of show them what I was doing. They all thought I was weird, and really the initial concept I thought maybe would be really a cool, like manikin for display, stepping outside to the bonds of your traditional manikin which tend to be very supermodelesque.

I wanted to do something with some sexy curves.

I started making a couple of early prototypes and put up a website and said, you know, I am making this really crazy manikin. And I got a lot of people asking me by email, if these things were anatomically correct. And if so, can they order one. And I realized early on that this was probably the direction that this was going to go and I just went with it and added in some obvious parts and there you go. The first real doll was born.

I had to test them. Yeah, I had to make vagina in a box and replicate basically the way I was going to install it in the doll and I had to try it out.

You know like that was in that phase where realized this is going to make me money. This is going to be a career for me. So I took it very seriously, and you know graciously donated myself to exploring; to make sure everything worked right.

I remember one guy who lived way up in Alaska. He you know – lived in the middle of nowhere and had no companionship whatsoever, and they had to like bring the doll out in this large coffin like box, but he loved it. He said it really took away the edge off of his loneliness and being alone out there. It’s just not as simple as this is a sex doll, its way more than that.

It’s always been sort of an obvious attraction to say, well it would be cool to plug on these into a computer and have it like move, you know turned into a robot or android or something like that. And I’ve certainly messed around and tinkered with that sort of stuff over the years and even to this day, you know that’s something that I work on. But I have yet to come up with the appropriate means of combining those two worlds together, but I do believe that we’re almost there.

It’s not for everybody. You know, number one, not everybody has the degree of care and respect that it takes to actually own one of these dolls. You know – this is not something that you just kick under your bed. They invest months and months into the planning of what the doll is going to look like. They give her a name. They’ll set up a little closet or space to store the doll and it becomes a personality. It becomes a presence in their home and I am not going to judge or nor do I think anyone else should like judge them for that.

To me it’s an honor to be able to say, hey, I made a doll and this guy, you know a year ago he was depressed and lonely and right now, he is happy as can be. And whom I to say, you know there is something wrong with that, I don’t think so.

Artist Talks About His Adult Doll Business

Artist Talks About His Adult Doll Business

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