Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie


Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie

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[Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie]

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Because after dinner everyone oughta have a cigar so I tried it, the rest is history, I’m still smoking Stogies – I love it and he introduced me something really good. And I know now the next question – knowing you – uh, being the interviewer that you are – digging in deep all the time, you will say now, what does your wife think about that?

Let me ask you something, when my wife’s father has introduced me to Stogies, what is she going to say, she’s not going to say, my father made a mistake. Because her father never makes a mistake. So therefore, it is okay, I can smoke Stogies around her. I can smoke Stogies in my house, first of all, because her father introduced me to Stogies and second of all because I’m a stud, I’m ballsy, I don’t take not shit from anyone, I smoke my Stogie anywhere I want, I don’t have to find a hide out place like you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Stogie. I smoke my Stogie anywhere I want. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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