Apple Watch – Guided Tour: Welcome


Apple Watch – Guided Tour: Welcome

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[Apple Watch – Guided Tour: Welcome]

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Welcome to Apple watch it’s our most personal device yet because it’s the first one you actually wear.

It work seamlessly with your iPhone but it’s a whole new kind of experience, to make the best use of its size it has some amazing new interactions and technologies. They make apple watch super easy to use when you’re on the move and since it’s right there on your wrist it ideal for brief interactions.

It lets you quickly do things you’re used to doing on your phone but in a more convenient less obtrusive way.

It can even do other things that simply weren’t possible with your phone; like give you a discrete tap when you receive a notification or monitor your heart rate.

To tell you more we’ve created a series of guided tours. In this one we will give you an introduction to Apple watch.

To activate your watch you don’t even have to touch it; just raise your wrist and it wakes up – that’s it. To turn off the display, simply lower your wrist.

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Your experience with Apple Watch starts with the watch face.

You can customize the design as well as add additional pieces useful information, like the weather, your calendar or a snapshot of your physical activity.

You can tap on any one of these to go to the corresponding app. You can access other timely information from your watch face with two simple gestures; swiping up and swiping down.

Swipe up to see glances, which are bite-sized snippets the content you check most often. Tapping on any glance opens the full app.

Swipe down to see and act on your missed notifications. To see all of your apps in one place; you press this The Digital Crown.

The digital crown is a revolutionary input device and is integral to Apple Watch as The Click Wheel was to iPod.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Scrolling with your finger on the screen covers up the information you’re trying to see. But when you rotate the digital crown you can navigate fluently and precisely without obstructing your view.

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And you can go is slowly or as quickly as you want.

You can also use it to make fine adjustments, such as setting a timer, adjusting your daily move goal in the activity app, or customizing the design of a watch face.

And because pinching to zoom isn’t practical on a display of this size. Turning the digital crown lets you easily magnified content. You can also press and hold the digital crown to access Siri.

Or you can simply say: “Hey Siri”. And use just your voice.”Hey Siri, remind me to email Bob.”

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Another important feature Apple watch is the pressure sensitive display. Too many buttons would clutter the screen, so you can press firmly, like this; to access additional controls. This new technology is called ‘Force Touch’.

In maps it’s how you search for a location. In messages; it brings up reply options. In ‘workout’ it’s the way you end your session.

Apple Watch has only one other button; here next to the digital crown and it serves a really important purpose, pressing ita from anywhere takes you right to the people you like to connect with the most.

You can make a call, send a message or use a brand new feature called digital touch to send a sketch or a tap and even share your heart beat. And that’s your intro to Apple Watch.

You are going to have a lot of fun using it; especially now that you’ve seen how easy it is.

Apple Watch - Guided Tour: Welcome

Apple Watch – Guided Tour: Welcome

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