Apple – The App Effect


Apple – The App Effect

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[Apple – The App Effect]

[Phil Schiller (SVP, Apple):] Source:
Eight years ago, when the iPhone was launched, it didn’t have an App Store. And there was tremendous desire in the part of developers and customers for Apple to let third-party applications be created. We all had this dream that apps were going to become really important, but it took some time to realize how they would affect everything that we care about and as that cumulative effect appeared then we all started to realize oh my goodness, this is bigger than any of us imagine.

[Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist):]
Apps plus handheld devices; I think that’s a [watershed] moment in civilization. I put it up there with the invention of the microscope and then telescope. Here we live in a time where the most powerful tools ever imagined to investigate and probe our world are in the hand of essentially everyone.

[James Manyika (Director, McKinsey Global Institute):]
If you think the industrial revolution was transformational, the App Store is way bigger. I don’t think we’ve seen anything reach mass adoption at anything close to this pace.

It took for example electricity over a hundred years to get to its first 50 million users. It took television 13 years, and the App Store got to 50 million users in only 17 months.

In 2008 Apple launches the App Store with 500 apps.

In 2015 the App Store has 1,500,000 apps.

[Kevin Systrom (CEO, Instagram):] Source:
The thing the App Store did was give every developer a voice, you know it’s a testament that two guys in a room working on an idea can launch an app and instantly have hundreds and millions of people very quickly; the iPhone made photography universally accessible.

98% of all Fortune 500 companies have an iOS app.

[Heather Cox (CMO, Citi):]
I cannot think of a single industry that doesn’t need an app. People want data at their fingertips. They want personalized experiences. They want power over their money. And its not just for banking, it’s for every industry. The App Store is fundamentally shifted how we all need to deliver. It’s leveling the playing field.

[Joshua Gans (Economist, University of Toronto):]
We don’t have to own things. We don’t have to own cars. We don’t have to own our own music. We can call it up when we need it. That’s a big change, all flowing from the idea of not just convenience, but people building up an infrastructure around that. We’re now talking not about hundreds of people getting the benefits of an idea but millions.

[J.J. Abrams (Filmmaker):]
If you would told me when I was a kid, that you would be able to write an idea and then film that idea and then distribute to the world on a device that you could also put in your pocket. I would never had stopped laughing and I would have thought you are insane.

The App Store gives everyone access to incredibly powerful tools and there’s an incredible generation of filmmakers and storytellers to come.

There are 195, 000 educational apps in the App Store.

[Gaia Dempsey (Elements 4D):] Source:
Kids love technology and they love interacting with the iPad and with apps; that wonder and awe that gets ignited is actually being utilized to help that listen learn. It certainly in education there is so much potential to take the class room with you anywhere.

[Phil Schiller (SVP, Apple):]
We all know we’re in this magic moment. There are so many incredible apps. And they do things for people that change their lives.

[Raphael Silva (Ludwig Project):]
Music from me it’s like everything. It’s really special. This amazing feeling that music gives me. I want everyone to have that; even the person who cannot hear. So, the idea of the app is to introduce music for deaf people. I’m going to put these on your wrist. So if you play you can feel the vibrations.

[Raphael Silva (Ludwig Project):]
Did you feel that Rob?

That was so cool.

[Raphael Silva (Ludwig Project):]
Okay. My dream is to bring music to everyone.

[Phil Schiller (SVP, Apple):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
It is an amazing time to be a developer or still just the beginning of all this. This moment where technology of an iPhone and an iPad and the Watch enable so many incredible things. There’s so much that can still change and evolve due to the power of applications.

The average person has 119 apps.
850 apps downloaded every second.
100,000,000,000 apps downloaded.
Thank you.

Apple - The App Effect

Apple – The App Effect

Apple – The App Effect. 100,000,000,000 apps downloaded. Thank you. Apple. Science & Technology Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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