Apple – Better Starts Here


Apple – Better Starts Here

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[Apple – Better Starts Here]

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We begin thinking about the environment. Here, and here, and here. We consider what to leave out, what to put in, and what to make smaller faster, more efficient. We think about power. And how to power, that power. Because our ecosystem is part of a larger one.

So we’re building a 40-megawatt solar farm in China, big enough to power our offices and stores across the country. And since our ecosystem also includes billions of iMessages, and huge libraries of music, films and pictures, we’re powering our datacenters with 100% clean energy. That’s why we’re using turbines in Oregon to turn the natural flow of water into 12,000,000-killawatts/hours of energy here.

We think about the environment in our packaging – too. With the paper we use, and its affect – out here …

So we’re directing our innovation, into conservation – to get to Net Zero.

We’re learning more and more. About new places where we can be better. With renewable energy, hydropower, and forest preservation. New ways in which we can leave the world better than we found it.

Apple - Better Starts Here

Apple – Better Starts Here

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