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Anthony Anderson Monologue Black-ish

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[Anthony Anderson Monologue Black-ish]

Okay, obviously I am anti-police brutality. But that doesn’t mean I have to be anti-the-police. Look, 25% of these suspects are unarmed, which is horrible.

Uh hm.

But that means that 75% of them were armed. The police have to deal with that every day.

I guess what you’re saying makes sense, but isn’t that their job, Mom? I mean, if you killed one out of every four of your patients, wouldn’t that make you a pretty bad doctor?

Wake up! Let’s say they listen to the cops and get in the car – look what happened to Freddie Gray.

Yeah, and what if they make it all the way to the station.

Um huh.

Remember Sandra Bland.

And let’s say they do make it to trial. You see where that gets us. Don’t you get it, Bow? The system is rigged against us.

Maybe it is, Dre. But I don’t want to feel like my kids are living in a world that is so flawed that they can’t have any hope.

[Dre:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Oh, so you want to talk about hope, Bow? Obama ran on hope. Remember when he got elected, and – and we felt like maybe, just maybe, we got out of that bad place and made it to a good place? That – that the whole country was really ready to turn the corner.

You remember that amazing feeling we had during the inauguration? I was sitting right next to you. And we were so proud. And we saw him get out of that limo and walk alongside of it and wave to that crowd. Tell me you weren’t terrified when you saw that. Tell me you weren’t worried that someone was gonna snatch that hope away from us like they always do. That is the real world, Bow. And our children need to know that that’s the world that they live in.

I see you watching… lets see what they’re gonna say next?

Anthony Anderson Monologue Black-ish

Anthony Anderson Monologue Black-ish

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