Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV


Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV

The Accurate Source To Find Transcript To Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV.”

[Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV]

[Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV] Source:

Attention citizens of Wood County, West Virginia. We are Anonymous.

It has come to our attention that your local police may be guilty of conspiring in a police cover up. In November of 2011, deputies arrived around 4:00 am to the scene of an accident around mile marker 181. Jaleayah Davis, 20 at the time, was confirmed dead. Well over a year later, the case was closed, ruled an accident of drunk driving. I will now tell you the official results. If you possess logic, or even better, any knowledge about physics, please listen VERY closely to this. They say it started with her driving along I-77 and hitting a guardrail. “The result of the vehicle striking the guardrail caused Ms Davis to be ejected from the passenger side front window. This finding is supported by the fact the door post to the passenger side door was cracked and samples taken from this post were tested and found as a positive match of Ms. Davis’ DNA. After exiting the vehicle, Ms. Davis struck the guardrail and the force of the collision sent Ms. Davis over her vehicle and into the traffic lane of I-77. After Ms. Davis came to rest in the travel lane of I-77, she was struck by a tractor trailer.”

[Anonymous Operation] Source:
Let’s begin with this, shall we? None of the information given makes any sense. Firstly, if she was traveling at 70-80 mph on the interstate (like most of us do) and she struck the guardrail hard enough to be ejected from the car, she would not have been thrown sideways unless she hit the guardrail with the side of the car. And looking at the pictures of the car she clearly struck the guardrail with the front passenger side corner. Which following the laws of physics she would have been ejected through the middle to passenger side of the WINDSHIELD. Not the door window. Secondly, it is clear that her car was scraped along the guardrail, and it was previously noted that her car came to rest against the guardrail, so how then did she bounce off the guardrail and be thrown over her car into the lane of traffic? Would she not have been thrown over the guardrail? Thirdly, it was stated that her vehicle was found running with all the doors locked. If she was ejected from the vehicle something tells me that she wouldn’t have had time to put the car into park, to keep the running vehicle from continuing forward. This again comes from the fact that her car OBVIOUSLY scraped along the guardrail and did not hit head on… The fourth thing that seems a little off is how she bounced off the guardrail and was thrown over her car from the force of the crash. You’re talking her traveling at least 50-75 feet in the air after the force of hitting the guardrail to begin with, which would have slowed her body down A LOT. How fast was she going? 260 MPH?

[Anonymous Operation] Source:
After speaking with the family of Ms Davis, it’s become clear that something extremely suspicious is going on, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Operation Divulgence… engaged.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Wood County… Expect Us.

Anonymous Operation Divulgence – Wood County, WV. None of the information given makes any sense. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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