Anna Akana How To Overcome Bullying


Anna Akana How To Overcome Bullying

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[Anna Akana How To Overcome Bullying]

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In 2007, I lost my little sister, Kristina, to suicide. Bullying was a big factor. Shortly, before she killed herself, she was expelled from school
for bringing an airsoft gun to protect herself against a group of boys who had threatened her.

I am a big advocate of suicide prevention in teens and anti-bullying. Especially because most kids who are bullied don’t speak up about it. And suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in teens and young adults.

If you’re being bullied and you’re not sure what to do about it here are some tips that can hopefully help.

So first and foremost speak up about your situation. When Kristina told a teacher about the group of boys who had threatened her, she wasn’t listened to. But that was in 2007, long before bullying was taken seriously.

Whether it’s friends, family, or social media, speak up and someone will listen.

If you can, separate yourself.

If your bully is in school, it might be hard to completely avoid him or her, but removing yourself from the toxic environment as much as you can
is crucial to your safety.

If you’re confident that your bully is nonviolent sometimes confronting them head on can help. And likewise, if you see someone bullying someone else stand up for them.

Bullies need to know that this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated by anyone.

And finally, try to make them, and yourself laugh. You know, when I was bullied in high school I would often join in on the teasing to take the power away from them and restore it in myself.

Plus some of the darkest moments of my life are a part of my stand up act. You know, humor not only has the power to diffuse tension-filled situations but helps you heal from some of the most terrible things that have happened to you.

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A beautiful example of this is my collaboration with Canon. I am their newest Rebel With a Cause and my cause is anti-bullying. We recently took 10 kids from the local L.A. area and trained them through the Groundlings which is a fun comedy school, here in L.A. And they took their bullying experiences and made them into fun story telling and stand up acts.

Please be sure to check it out, I’m very proud of them and I hope you will be too. I’m Anna Akana. Stay Awesome Gotham.

Anna Akana How To Overcome Bullying

Anna Akana How To Overcome Bullying

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