Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped


Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped

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[Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped]

[Anna Akana Rape Is Fun And Psychologically Fulfilling]

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Hi, I’m Anna Akana, and I’m here to help women everywhere not get raped. Because it’s totally our responsibility, right?


The best form of rape prevention is to assimilate yourself into society as a man. Now I know what you’re thinking, Anna, rape does not just apply to women. This is true, so to ensure the safety of your butt, spread a rumor that you yourself are a rapist. So other rapists will see you as a colleague.

[Anna Akana:]
Hey fellas, how the rapes looking lightly.


[Anna Akana:]
Yeah, you’re getting any good rapes, dawg?

Yeah, we’re busy right now.


[Anna Akana:]
Busy think about the rape…

Okay, we’re going to get…

Look, it’s all right.

[Anna Akana:] Source:
Hey guys, come on bro, give me some rape tips dawg… I just won’t have rape from you – dude, we’re friends, dawg.

I’m going to rape…

No, no.

[Anna Akana:]
If you absolutely cannot pretend to be a man facading as a rapist, another expensive and fear induced solution is to hire bodyguards.

Will you protect me from rape?

Yes ma’m.

We will…

[Anna Akana:]
But will you rape me?

Yes ma’m.

We will…

[Anna Akana:]
I’m just gonna call 911 really quick.

If your bodyguards aren’t trustworthy, protect yourself the old American way.


Excuse me, do you have the time?

[Gun shots]

[Anna Akana:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
No. I don’t have the time, for rape.

[Gun shot]

We’ve been conditioned our whole lives to not get raped. My dad put me in martial arts, my mom gives me knives and pepper spray and despite the fact that I like that stuff it’s mostly for anti-rape. We’re told by society never walk alone at night. Never walk down an alleyway. If you think you’re being followed make three right turns. Because that means they just went in a circle. Never run upstairs if you’re being chased because then you can get trapped.

Don’t stop if you see a car seat on the side of the road. Hey, here’s some nail polish that’ll help you identify date rape drugs, sport this adorable yet fierce key chain so you can gouge someone’s eyes out, and on and on and on.

You know what would be better? If we just taught young boys that rape isn’t even an option. If we would stop victim shaming and slut-shaming and excusing a rapist because of the clothes his victim wore or because they were on a ‘date’. Because I’m seriously so fucking tired of being responsible for not getting raped.

I’m Anna Akana, you stay awesome.

Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped

Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped

Anna Akana How To Not Get Raped. Because I’m seriously so tired of being responsible for not getting raped. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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