Anna Akana Draw My Life


Anna Akana Draw My Life

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Draw My Life Anna Akana

Draw My Life Anna Akana

[Anna Akana Draw My Life]


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It all started when my parents met in the Philippines.

Mia, my life, the party hilarious and charming mother was working as a waitress.

My dad, [Willie] was a Marine Corps officer with a moral compass comparable to Superman. He often described himself as boring but sturdy.

On their first date she overslept, on their second date, she overslept. So he bought her a present an alarm clock and on their third date, success. Except that midway through the date my mom farted. And it was in this moment that she knew my father was the one because he looked back at her and said, “did you step on a frog?”

They got married and had me, my brother Will and my sister Kristina.

As a military family, we moved around every two to three years to new states if not new countries.

And when I was 17, Kristina killed herself. My life really is a before and after of this pivotal moment, it defines me whether I wanted to or not. It’s what’s made me who I am today.

I started doing stand-up when I was 19 because it was the only thing that made me laugh. I would commute the two-hour drive to Los Angeles hitting open mics and doing shows in laundromats or coffee shops.

I finally was able to move to the city when I was 21 and I started doing YouTube. I had a few failed channels and ruined friendships until I found my stride doing advice and story based videos were I acted out all the parts.

I started doing a video a week and until now I haven’t stopped.

If I had to really draw what my life is.

Here’s what you’d see, me at home filming videos and working on the computer. On set as a director or an actor, in class, on stage performing improv or stand up, waiting in the in-and-out drive-through more times than I’m proud of. Driving to and from meetings so many meetings, all the meetings, I go to dinner and a movie with my boyfriend.

I go to the gym three times a week. I put off my dentist appointments. I audition, I cuddle with my cats every opportunity I get. I run a business. I hang out with my friends I binge on all the shows. I get depressed sometimes you know, I lie on the floor or in bed or just stare off into space in the dark like a creep. Sometimes I cry in the car for no reason. I’ll read an article about the conditions of livestock or the suicide rates in teens and feel like life is hopeless.

Sometimes I drink too much eat too little, stress out over things that I know better than to stress out about.

Life so far has been trying to make a name for myself, pursuing a career in hustling since I was 19.

Wondering how can I be a better person or if there’s a difference I can make in the world.

[Anna Kay Akana:] Source:
Life has been working hard and loving fast and honestly very confusing. It’s been realizing that my parents are just people. It’s been envying everyone who has a sister. It’s been defining myself through loss and accomplishments and failure but I’m still young.

Life will keep changing, illustrating whatever’s next.

All I can really say is I am so lucky to do what I do.

Age is a privilege that some never get. And I love my life even when I’m depressed and I can’t get up off the floor because there’s always a kitty and did I mention I have five kitties.

I’m Anna Akana. Stay Awesome Gotham.

Anna Akana Draw My Life

Anna Akana Draw My Life

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