Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders


Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders

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[Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders]

Meeting his girlfriend but they are over there making major ramps and destroying the landscaping. DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK.

Okay. Right.

Do it in some other area, but DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK. You got plenty of bare hills over here, but DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK. It just FUCKS UP THE LANDSCAPING get your shovels, got all these shit, I have to come over here and tear up all this shit spend eight, nine hours doing this. And I get calls from the public ALL OVER YOUR SHHHTICK. Okay.


But yeah, the tree stuff that’s ABSOLUTE FUCKING NO GO. That pisses me off. You know PISSES ME OFF like police shit, break up the boards, set things on fire that’s how it pisses me off.

Okay. I don’t want you to set anything on fire so.

No. I’m AN RADICAL TRUST ME BOYS. Fucking radical in the 1970’s HARD FUCKING CORE.


All right, gasoline, you know pour sugar in the gasoline tanks, set the fucking house on fire, fuck your girlfriend, that kind of radical, that’s how bad I am. REALLY BAD.


DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK. Don’t fuck up the landscaping, alright. Don’t do it here.


Every time it snows, MY DICK TAKES A BEATING with this shit.




Okay, we got it.

Got it!

Yeah, yeah.


I don’t want to call RPD, get the cops involve, all this kind of shit, but like that, that stuff, that stuff is just ABSOLUTELY A NO GO.


Because the landscaping thing. JUST DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK. Find some other area. Lots of bare hills over here. I drive and see them every day.

Okay, sounds good.


It is cool you have this on YouTube, you know BANG A FAT GIRL, put that on YouTube, I’D WATCH THAT SHIT. I don’t give care about some fucking you know, 20 something’s on a rail and in a edge on snowboard.




And I’m 52 fucking years old.

What do you ride?

(what do you ride?)

Anything that comes along.

[indiscernible] Source:


You know Shaun White.

What’s that?

Shaun White.

SHAUN WHITE? Yeah, you know, I mean shit, Shaun White is here, he’d fuck, helicopter in here BANG YOUR MOM AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND. And then set your board on fire.

Shaun White [indiscernible]

To tell you what, Shaun White wouldn’t piss around in a City Park and do it. But just don’t fuck around with my rails, because the neighbors will go APE SHIT.


Then I got to deal with them for weeks.

Okay. We’ll get out of here.

You know, I’ll FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE. Cause I that love doing that to?

(that’s scary)

I HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE. I live in a Reno this is a shit hole.

(that’s tight)

Okay. What do you think I have to do, follow you guys around, yeah.

I live in Fallon.

What’s that?

I live in Fallon.


Yeah, it is.

Too bad for you.


SUCKS FOR YOU. All right. I used to live in Maui, San Francisco, Santa Fe trust me.

Those are real places.

Nice places. I fucked up, I lost my home, got divorced, DON’T FUCKING DO THAT EITHER.


But don’t ride a board down here.

Okay. Source:

Don’t do it. I’m just – the neighbors go ape shit then they call the council, then it just turns the ONE BIG SHITSTORM.


You know, but don’t do it here. And it’s after five, you know, I DON’T GET PAID FOR THIS SHIT. SHAUN WHITE YOU KNOW IF HE HAD A TIGHT LITTLE VAGINA I’D BANG HIM TOO. You know. I’M A WHOREMONGER TRUST ME. I’m an angry fucking 50-year old guy, trust me. MEAN SON-OF-A-BITCH. I go at night. I PUMP YOUNG GIRLS. DON’T FUCK WITH MY TREES.

No, let’s call the this stuff with my trees. YOU BREAK UP A TREE YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE FINGERING MY BABY SISTER THAT’S HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT. Trust me.


You guys all have nice cars. You know you could be out here you know horning hard.


Oh my God.

Okay, thanks, guys.


Don’t fuck up the trees. Don’t come back to the HALF PIPE SHIT.

You know.

I know – I know, all the stuff is really attractive to you, but try to do it some place where it is not likely to be damaged.


I fucking tear it up! I’LL FUCKIN TEAR IT UP! [indiscernible]

If it’s in the City Park, I WILL TEAR THE MOTHERFUCKER UP. Does that makes sense to you. You should be sparking up a bone. JUST FUCKING GETTING LIT. You know, it should be doing all those fucking [indiscernible] BREAK A MAN ALWAYS DO IT SEXUALLY, that’s the best way to do it.


To break a man that way. MAKE HIM YOUR BITCH FOR LIFE.


Hey, look at Maui; that’s what I want for winter. I WANT GIRLS NAKED.

All right.

That’s what I want, oiled up. That’s what you want. Not that winter stuff. Yeah, DON’T DO IT IN THE PARK.


Yeah, please. Do it I mean – there are plenty of hill sides around here. If you’d [indiscernible] you’d fight the bumps – bump fight and then watch the, you know, THEY WILL BUILD YOU A HALF PIPE FOR LIKE UHH… TWO TALLBOYS.

Nice. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Yeah, I know, I know, how attractive it is but this is something that every time it snows right here, that’s what we do in this [indiscernible] what happens is they build is ramps, these jumps, it was just a matter of just get on your board and doing it, it’s fine. Don’t go to ramps and jumps AND DON’T DO THIS.

Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders

Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders

Angry Guy Yells At Snowboarders. You know PISSES ME OFF like police shit, break up the boards, set things on fire that’s how it pisses me off. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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