An Auto Shop Crashed My Car


An Auto Shop Crashed My Car

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[An Auto Shop Crashed My Car]

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Hey, this is my car and I just wanted to share a story that I experienced yesterday, getting it serviced at a local auto shop. So this is a 2000 Honda CR-V, with a handful of mods [modifications] that I’ve done because I’ve taken care of my vehicle and I really, really enjoy having it and driving it.

So yesterday I took it into an auto shop to get something with the exhaust fixed. It was just a little rattle, there – I’ll just go in just drop it off really quick on my way to work, be in and out, 20, 30 minutes, be on my way. They did that, they fixed it and then they’re being $25 bucks. But then I got it back and here it is and this is how I got it back.

The bumper, some of the paint was chipped off, big dent, crack, this is missing, the fender, paint is chipping; clearly smashed in.

And so I asked them, as soon as I saw it, I was like, “oh I don’t think it was like that before.” They said, “oh, it must have been, because we didn’t do it.”

Now earlier that morning I was brushing my teeth, looking through that window out at my car. I would have noticed that before I left, while I was brushing my teeth. Then when he was uh – I parked my car in the shop, went in and told them what I needed done. And gave them the keys and I watched him back it out of the parking spot. And that corner faced me as he angled it backwards and then took off. I would have noticed it, it’s perfectly fine.

You would notice this. No matter how far away you are – especially me this is my car. I know what it should look like. That’s a pretty big little missing paint there.

I would have noticed that. And they said “no, it must have been like that.” So I mean, I don’t know. They just full on denied it. I don’t know.

And then, later that day, after I drove off, I – pretty – pretty upset. So I wasn’t – wasn’t really thinking. And uh… just alone quite in my car, no music, no anything. But before I left to go to the shop I decided I’m going to listen to some of my own music today. So I plugged-in my iPod, started charging it, so I’d be ready to go, when I was ready to leave.

So I put it, – or I – pulled – unplugged it took it to my car, plugged it in and started to listen music. Then I as pulled up to the shop, it was like, I don’t want them to hear my music, whenever they turn on. So I switch the radio, hit this button, put it back to the radio station. But I left it plugged-in right here, this wire was plugged-in at. And that’s always just sitting right there, just left in there, oh. You know, I don’t want to unplug it, I was feeling lazy.

And so on my way home from work after all was said and done, I decided, well… I have it so I’m going to listen to it now. It was gone. So they’d not only did they crash my car and deny it, they stole my iPod. Now this really like a nice 32-gigabyte iPod touch or anything like that. It was a iPod nano and it still had buttons on it. To change the volume you had to swirl your finger around the thing, like this, so you could change the volume. Now how do I know that it was gone? Well I didn’t take it out. And this right here, this is a little remote for some lights in my car. This is always sitting right here, flushed against the back and it’s connected to the cord.

Well wherever I went to go turn them on the remote was upside down, inside of this cubby-hole. Now look I’m having trouble just putting it back in there, I can’t even flip it when it’s in here, there’s not enough room. It’s – it’s a tight fit so somebody pull this out, this came with it, they’ve unattached the iPod at the end of this. And then they’re like, oh I got to put all this back where it was and then they just threw the remote back in there, upside down.

Now honestly, it’s like a fourth-generation iPod nano or something, it had the buttons on it. There are things in this car, I have two skateboards in the back, he could have took those price sell them for even more money. But I probably wouldn’t have even noticed until the next time I wanted them. He took my iPod that was plugged-in. Obviously I was listening to it on the way here. And he – nah… he probably – he won’t notice this. Luckily I didn’t until later that day where there are already closed and stuff but I don’t even understand, he took my iPod nano and they crashed my car.

So I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is going to be way too much out of pocket to get that fixed. They wouldn’t cover it. So I’m have to go through my insurance. They’re going to have to do whatever, I don’t know. And I don’t have any proof that they – because they – they just denied it. So it will just be my word against theirs. So I don’t know, I wish I would have taken a picture or something before I took it in, just like an all around. So I guess – I don’t know. I just wanted to get my story out there maybe share, spread some knowledge like, next time you take a car in, just be very cautious, take some picture, so you can document. What it looked like right before they took it in and I mean, my car disappeared they back – he backed it out of that spot, pulled it forward and disappeared behind the building for I don’t know, 20, 30 minutes while they were working on it.

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They pulled it out. He wasn’t even then parking it yet. And I noticed it, I asked the guys at the front, I was like my car was not like that when I brought that in here. He was like, it must have been because we didn’t do it. So… I don’t know.

An Auto Shop Crashed My Car

An Auto Shop Crashed My Car

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