American Eagle Outfitters AerieMAN


American Eagle Outfitters AerieMAN

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[American Eagle Outfitters AerieMAN]

Hi, I’m Iskra. And Aerie has got a big surprise for you. INTRODUCING… Aerie for women and men.



I’m Iskra and I’m an Aerie girl.

And I’m Devon and I’m an Aerie man.

I don’t mind that I won’t be re-touched. You know, I feel that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

Great style to me is when anyone feels comfortable in what they wear.

Oh, ya… I always liked being in my underwear. Just makes me feel more free. I feel like I’m myself. I think a lot of people don’t like the airbrushing and photoshopping and they enjoy just to see what’s real.

Confidence is definitely a big thing with me with meeting anyone. If you’re confident within yourself and you’re happy than that’s what’s going to come off as beautiful to other people, not what you look like.

If you don’t have the confidence then what you wear it’s gonna show. Being and AerieMan isn’t just about being in your underwear – it’s about being you.

What defines a man is its character, to be someone that you look up to, someone that you can have as a role model – to be like, I wanna be like him.

I think being an AerieMAN means being comfortable in your own skin. It’s like important to feel organic. There’s nothing more manly than that.

Doing good to help other people including yourself. I think makes you a man. It’s about sharing yourself – all of yourself.

Healthy body image to me is loving who you are, not trying to create an image for someone else, I think you need to do what feels good.

The real you is sexy.

The real you is sexy.

Ya, the real you is sexy.

The Real You Is Sexy.


American Eagle Outfitters AerieMAN

American Eagle Outfitters AerieMAN

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