Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents


Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents

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[Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents]


[Amber Rayne:] Source:
I found I could fit some of the weird objects in my a**. At least some of the bigger objects too, after they went, I never knew that would fit.
Oh, like that.

[Amber Rayne:]
Oh, let’s see I’ve had baseball bat in there. I’ve had just recently golf balls in there that I’ve been shooting across the room.

Out of your butt?

[Amber Rayne:]
Yeah. I’ve shot honey out of my a** just recently. I took a 14-inch doubleheader and put it all the way up in me and then pushed it all the way back out. I took a big old ring.

Hold up, hold up, hold up. How did you get the 14-inch double all the way, that would have been in like going up.

[Amber Rayne:]
Oh, you feel it going up, like you’re pushing it, okay, like it’s passed the first one, it’s passed the second one, oh it’s all the way in. and you feel it moving. And you’re like, wow, that’s a feeling and then just pushing it all the way out.

Now is this sexy time or is this a challenge.

[Amber Rayne:] That was kind of both because – well first it was a challenge because someone’s like, you couldn’t do it and I sat there and I went, I got to do it. And secondly, I sat there, you know, I let myself get off a little bit and then I just started – it just started opening up and opening up and I’m like, look at it go.

What was it like…

[Amber Rayne:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
It was a strange feeling, it was kind of a release in the sense because you feel it moving out too. So the whole entire object just went whoop, and then fell, I kind of sat there and went let’s do it again. [Laughs] So I mean I’ve had, also like giant green bouncy balls that lit up and I’ve shot them out of my a**. So I mean the things I’ve put in there it’s – it’s always interesting. Nine times out of ten if you’ve seen an inanimate object, it’s probably been in me at one point.

Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents

Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents

[(Meghan Wren) Amber Rayne (September 19, 1984 – April 2, 2016):]

Amber Rayne Discusses Her Talents. Nine times out of ten if you’ve seen an inanimate object, it’s probably been in me at one point. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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