Amazing Homeless Man Rapping To Mocking Bird By Eminem


Amazing Homeless Man Rapping To Mocking Bird By Eminem

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[Amazing Homeless Man Rapping To Mocking Bird By Eminem]

Yo, yo another day another struggle.
Another hustle for a dollar
These hard times make you wanna holla
Walkin down this road, it’s so hard to follow,
wakin’ up everyday prayin’ you get to see tomorrow.

Some people broke so they beg and they borrow.
Some people got tears because they choose to live in sorrow.
But me, I’m tryna’ make it in this life I’m livin’ in.
Get my babies out the hood and get us some dividends.
Before I’m givin’ in,
I’ll be standin’ out here rhymin’.
Ain’t no ladder down here but I’m stlll climbin’.
I’m in the rough right now,
I feel like I’m a diamond.
You clean me up right now?
I bet I’ll start shining!

I’m tired of bein’ broke and bein’ poor!
Rappin’ and workin’ more!
Standin’ down here in the subway when I should be on tour. Living to mingle when I should stay by lay chore.
Every day I’ll be fightin’ and I don’t know what it for!
Why am I in a war?
I don’t even understand me.
Out here rappin’ every day, try and feed my family!
I should be in Miami somewhere women grab me.
But I still struggle every day God damn me!
Gotta’ be a cold life that I’m livin’ in,
Goin’ through these problems every day, tryna’ be an upright citizen.

Y’all don’t even notice me since I’m broke and on the streets spitting poetry, they don’t throw no dope at me.
They tell me hopelessly “one day you gon’ shine!”
But I guess I’m not there yet, ‘cos it probably ain’t ma’ time.
These younger cats, they feel like they better than this young man to stay up late nights like his name was David Letterman.
You gotta’ preach to your daughters, you gotta’ let ‘em in.
I got a flow to remember, you’ll never forget again.
I’m in yo’ head, bitch yo headache like some medicine.

Yo my last name should be solo acceleran.

Now name another rapper that I’m not better than.

I be out here preachin’, reachin’ y’all like a reverend.

I know your train comin’ soon, if you don’t like me tonight, I’m takin flight, be back tomorrow afternoon.

Right here in the same spot, tell me I ain’t hot.

Who you know who rock Chicago when it’s cold in a tank top?

Yeah, I’m overflowin’, yeah I always spit it.
I give you a free show everyday without a ticket.
But still I’m not signed, they don’t say I’m good enough.
Maybe ‘cos I don’t dress hood enough.
And maybe I don’t understand it, because I’m really in a state of panic!
Feel like I’m goin’ crazy turned into a schizophrenic!
Damnit Lord, there’s gotta’ be a blessin’!
Demons always testin;, ma’ dome never restin’. I do have many questions, last year I lost ma’ momma’ in October.
This year’s November, an’ I’m tryna’ stay closer.
But she’s not around me, so I’m dealin’ with this drama, man I really miss ma’ momma’.
I wonder why ma’ baby gotta grow up crazy. Maybe ‘cos the lady that I got pregnant, she didn’t love me ‘cos they didn’t pay me. It seemed like when the deal didn’t come she ran away.
Now I’m down here by myself, grindin’ on CTA.
I go and pick up ma’ kids like every weekend.
I gotta’ beg for dolla’ just so I can see them!
And when I ring ‘em up, she be askin’ for money.
Don’t you know the court didn’t already took that dummy?
I’m goin’ through struggles, can’t even pay my taxes.
People tell me that I’m laughing.
I’m sleeping on the mattress, I ain’t got no bed.
My hair fell off, that’s the reason I cut my dreads.
They say I’m goin’ crazy, I’m tryna’ get some bread!
While these cats get signed, and they been workin’ with the best.
I wonder why I’m livin’ how I’m livin’.
I was better in prison.
I come out to the world, and it seem like the love is missin’. ‘Cos everybody think they can rap.
Just ‘cos you how to rhyme don’t mean that you’re good on a track.
But they don’t understand me, yo these rappers don’t wanna listen.
They too arrogant nowadays, so they don’t pay attention.
They see TeeKey, he got his shirt off and he dancin’.
They think that’s the way to go, they don’t even chance it.
They just sell they soul for a couple of dollars.
Then they say that they made it ‘cos they was workin’ harder. Man I’m a real father, so please don’t judge.
‘Specially if you go home, and bump some young thug.

Amazing Homeless Man Rapping To Mocking Bird By Eminem

Amazing Homeless Man Rapping To Mocking Bird By Eminem

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