Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser


Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser

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[Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser]

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Alpaca is the world’s first herb grinder that automatically dispenses ground herbs.

Simply place your herbs in the grinder and start twisting.

Alpaca instantly dispenses ground herbs exactly where you want them.

Normal herb grinders are messy and time consuming. They result in sticky fingers and spilled messes.

Alpaca is different. Alpaca’s patent pending dispensing system uses a double helix screw that twists when you rotate the grinder. It’s like a super fast conveyor belt for your herbs. You can grind and dispense in under 10 seconds guaranteed.

Alpaca can handle whatever you throw in. Grind and dispense your favorite herbs, spices and even the greenest of the greens. Alpaca is super easy to use. Just grind, dispense and enjoy.

Compared to a standard grinder Alpaca is faster, easier, more portable, less messy and doesn’t reduce potency.

Alpaca is backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s the last grinder you ever have to buy.

Made from aircraft aluminum and premium materials.

Order Alpaca at Orders place now get a 30% off our retail price. Learn more at

Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser

Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser

Alpaca Grinder @AlpacaGrinder

Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser. Alpaca is faster, easier, more portable, less messy and doesn’t reduce potency. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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