Aloha Fluffy – Gabriel Iglesias – Live From Hawaii

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[Aloha Fluffy – Gabriel Iglesias – Live From Hawaii]

[Gabriel J. Iglecias] Source: LYBIO.net
And I don’t want you thinking that my girlfriend is a bad person. She is an amazing woman, the fact that I only have seven stories about her in eight years, says a lot. You know, don’t get me wrong, five of them happened this year, but that’s still way below the bar, you know what I am saying. And I get questions, I get questions about it, because you know in the past I’ve done specials and I’ve talked about other people in my life, I’ve talked about my mom, I’ve talked about my dad, I’ve talked about my sisters, my brother, I’ve talked about Frankie, but I’ve never really talked about my girl.

And so I get people that ask me – we want to know a little bit more, first question that everybody always ask is, is your girlfriend fluffy too? And no she is not, she is a little bit curvy, but she is not fluffy and it’s not to say that I have anything against big woman, most of my ex-girlfriends were really big girls, when we would hug it was like arms and pillows. Oh yeah, it was that Tempur-Pedic love, you know what I am saying? It was hardcore like, we would hug, really really hard and then let go and then our body would come back to normal.

Another question that people ask is, is your girlfriend also Mexican? Is your girlfriend Mexican? And yes she is but that doesn’t mean anything, because I have dated the rainbow, okay that’s just where it landed, you know I just – oh look – just we’re landed all right, you know. I think the crazy part with my girl is that, she doesn’t have traditional Mexican features, all right; she could pass for white which is funny because the first time I introduced her to my mom, it was quite the show.

[Gabriel J. Iglecias] Source: LYBIO.net
I take my girl to go meet my mom for the first time and you know my mom, she will come to the door, she will come to the door, if she sees you pulling up in the drive way, she opens the door and just waits for you to get there and greets you at the door. So I am pulling out right, she comes to the door, she sees me, opening the door and this white girl comes out, right, and she starts cursing me out from the door [Foreign Language]. (beep) White girl.

And my girl speaks Spanish, so my girl looks at my mom, she is like [“Hola señorita como estas?”] and my mom was, oh my god, oh my god, I’m so sorry. All right you see that mom? You see that mom? They make them in that color too.

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