Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing


Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing

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[Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing]

[Allison Janney:] Source:
Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. I was going to tell you all to be seated but I see you are already seated, so we can begin.

Josh is out today. He has, I believe it’s a root canal, no yeah… he has a root canal. But let’s be honest: I’m better at this than he is anyway. Right, just between us.

First, I have two announcements and then I’ll take questions. First, the President is still working on his jokes for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

I don’t have any details on that other than he intends to be funny — very funny.

Okay, and second, it is Friday, which means at half-past five I will be performing The Jackal in my office for anyone who is interested or remembers or cares. (Laughter.)

So now I’ll take your questions.

Oh, Josh! You’re back!

[Josh Earnest:]
This is not your show anymore!

[Allison Janney:]
Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry. I just — I was in town and I just wanted to take a moment. Totally, this is your office.

[Josh Earnest:]
Well, you’re standing at the podium, so you might as well use it.

[Allison Janney:]
Okay. All right. In all seriousness – in all seriousness– what do you mean? This is just happening. [Fly by the pen.]

In all seriousness, my name is Allison Janney and I am here today to draw attention to the opioid epidemic and to celebrate those who are working to help others combat substance-use disorder.

And I’m actually on a show now called “Mom,” which deals with people in recovery. And I’m here with my co-creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre, who is — this issue is very important to both of us. He’s in the back there.

Today, here at the White House, 10 individuals from across the country will be honored as White House Champions of Change.

They’ve been selected from over 900 nominations for their leadership in preventing prescription drug abuse and heroin use, and for increasing access to treatment and to support their fellow Americans in recovery — for supporting their fellow Americans in recovery.

This is a disease that can touch anybody, and all of us can help reduce drug abuse through evidence-based treatment, prevention, and recovery.

Research shows it works. And courageous Americans show it works every day. I’m so nervous I can’t believe.
(Laughter.) So thank you for the opportunity to be here today, and to highlight this important issue. And now I return the podium to its rightful owner, Josh. Thank you.

Can I ask C.J. a question? (Laughter.)

[Allison Janney:]
Yes, sure.

Who is President Bartlett supporting in the Democratic Primary? (Laughter.)

[Allison Janney:]
I think you know the answer to that question. (Laughter.)

[Josh Earnest:]
Thank you, Allison. Nice job.

[Allison Janney:]
Thank you. (Applause.)

[Josh Earnest:]
You’re welcome to stay.

Josh, when is the fun part? (Laughter.)

[Josh Earnest:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Well, I was going to say, who says we don’t have some fun around here? So, obviously Allison thinks — feels very passionately about the work that she’s spending some time here at the White House focused on today. And so we obviously owe her a debt of gratitude for really taking on this cause and it’s something that she passionately believes in. And we obviously are pleased that we can work with somebody who is as committed and as talented as she is on something that’s that important.

All right, the fun stuff is out of the way now. We can go back to our regular Friday afternoon briefing. But we’ll try to keep it short, Mark. I know you’re ready to start your weekend. (Laughter.)

Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing

Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing

Allison Janney CJ Cregg Crashes White House Briefing. Josh is out today. He has, I believe it’s a root canal. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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