Alicia Keys Vote Hillary Clinton


Alicia Keys Vote Hillary Clinton

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[Alicia Keys Vote Hillary Clinton]


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This election has struck me so deeply, as a woman, as a black woman, as a human being. I’ve tried to make sense of the negativity eating away at the soul of our country. America is angry. Many for good reason, but I refuse to believe we’ve lost our faith in a greater future. Our dream for equality and justice for all.

In a race between moving forward together or moving backwards divided, how can anyone still be undecided?

There is so much greatness in this country but there’s also too many monuments of discrimination in our history.

Sometimes I struggle with the question: Why are we here?

All my life I’ve received societal messages that say: Oh no no no, this life is not meant for you little girl. You were born to be somebody’s wife. You were born to hate your skin, and hate your body, to hate yourself. Hate has to be taught, but we were born to love.

And nobody is gonna take that freedom away from us.

Imma be real with you: Even if we win, it’s still not over. There will still be chains & bondage & oppression. There will be people who want to divide us.

If we elect our nation’s first female president on November 8th, we won’t wake up on November 9th in a perfect world. But we can wake up in a more perfect union. And we will stay here to fight for trans equality, gender equality, sexual equality, racial equality, economic equality. And we will rise.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I’m fighting for a woman who was never meant to have a seat at the table. A woman who never quit. Who never got too jaded for hope. She endures because she has faith in our kindness.

And now this is our time to be strong. Now don’t tell me you can’t vote, you won’t vote. Cause I know you’re strong enough. Cause I know you love and that is what voting is. A beautiful, lucid way to mitigate the suffering of our families, our friends, ourselves. To build a brighter future. So give of yourself and talk to somebody. Talk to anybody who doesn’t agree. Who wont vote. Who doesn’t want to understand us. Share your story. Show them the love, which inspires our good fight. Maybe then they’ll understand.

We need you to join us because the power belongs to the people, not one man, not a group of men but all of us.

We the People have the power to make this a land of liberty. We have the love of humanity in our hearts. That’s US! This is our most natural state. This is our holy union. This is our greatest strength. And that is why our voices matter. That is why your vote matters.

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So vote on November 8th. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote because you love somebody. Yourself, your children, your families, your future. Enough to vote for it.


Alicia Keys Vote Hillary Clinton

Alicia Keys Vote Hillary Clinton

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