Alex Hyner Flu Shot


Alex Hyner Flu Shot

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[Alex Hyner Flu Shot]

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Hey. Now this is a message for my friends, more of warning really. I got my Flu Shot today and along with some stiffness in the arm which was to be expected, I am experiencing some other side effects.

Light headed-ness started about an hour afterward, then bright color started to streak a bit and now light is flaring in my periphery.

We’re getting the flu season here and I just want to give everybody heads-up as to what to expect with getting a flu shot.

I’m always really good about knowing when I’m about to get sick and as of yet I have not experienced any physical side effects, none at all. I would definitely see that coming like a mile away.

So stay tuned, I will post on here if anything weird starts to happen [garbled:] [and skewed it seems].

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Alex Hyner Flu Shot

Alex Hyner Flu Shot

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Alex Hyner Flu Shot. I have not experienced any physical side effects, none at all. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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