Add-e Crowdfunding Indiegogo Finale


Add-e Crowdfunding Indiegogo Finale

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[Add-e Crowdfunding Indiegogo Finale]

[Fabian Gutbrod (Creator of add-e):] Source:
Hi, I am Fabian, and this is add-e, the smallest and lightest add-on kit for bicycles that converts any bicycle into a powerful e-bike within seconds. [easy installation] You simply mount the drive unit to your existing bike, attach the battery, switch it on, and off you go.

E-bikes are fast, eco-friendly and they take you to work without sweating. But conventional e-bikes are quite heavy and bulky, they are not meant to be used as normal bikes. That’s why we created add-e. It offers a super efficient drive while keeping your bike pure, agile and absolutely smooth running.

[compatible with every bike]

Add-e consists of three parts. The mounting plate, the drive unit and the battery. All made of high quality materials.

[made in Austria]

weight: 1 kg
distance: <50km
charging time: ~ 1h

weight: < 1kg
output: 250/600W
speed: 25 to 45 km/h

As you can see add-e is almost invisible. And it’s a true lightweight champion. While most other systems have between 5kg and 10kg, add-e weighs only 2kgs, including the battery.

Power 413 W
0 km/h
Distance: 8.4 km

And add-e is smart. In off-mode, you don’t feel it. Since there is no friction or counter weight. In on-mode, you can select various support levels. Once you pedal, add-e starts within half-a-second. If you stop pedaling, add-e stops automatically. Therefore add-e is safe, light, integrate companion for your trips.

100% waterproof

[Fabian Gutbrod:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
After two years of development, we are proud to have a fully working first version of add-e. All tests are completed and add-e is doing great. Since September, we are producing add-e on a small scale, the stunning feedback of our customers. This feedback helps us to make the new version of add-e even smarter.

Now we need your help to accelerate the production and establish add-e on the market. Join our campaign and e-motion your bike with add-e.

Add-e Crowdfunding Indiegogo Finale

Add-e Crowdfunding Indiegogo Finale

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