A Walk With Joe – Sexism At Cobb Movie Theaters


A Walk With Joe – Sexism At Cobb Movie Theaters

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[A Walk With Joe – Sexism At Cobb Movie Theaters]

[Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters]

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What’s going on guys? Thanks for tuning in. If you remember last week, I got my tongue pierced and it’s still healing, so I still might be talking just a little bit funny this week. But since then the swelling has gone down, so it’s going to be a little bit easier. But anyway, I know I had a set of loyal viewers out there and I appreciate that you guys tune into my channel every week.

Most of my loyal viewers know how I feel about a equality. Equality overall, if you remember a few weeks back, I made a video about the equality of the genders and normally I hate repeating myself unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary and today I feel that it is absolutely necessary.

So a very close friend of mine went out to the movies just took a normal trip to the movies and he has a bag on his shoulder, it was a cookie monster bag, but that’s neither here nor there. And he had it with him as he was going into movie theatre. He was stopped by the movie theatre’s staff and his bag was confiscated. The problem with his bag being confiscated is that it was no bigger than the size of a woman’s purse.

Now the problem that I have with this is that the movie theatre’s staff didn’t stop any woman who had the same size bags going into the theatre. So if you’re not stopping any woman going into the theatre, who have bags the same size as my friend, then why are you stopping my friend from going into the movie theatre with his bag?

This is what I hate about sexism. And they were pretty openly being sexist about it. Luckily, he got the whole thing on video.

[Video Clip Plays:]

We don’t let people with bags or backpacks into the theater because you might be —

But this lady is going into the theater and she has the same size bag as me…

And I understand that —

All ladies…

Those two ladies have those…

All ladies have bags. Sir, all ladies have purses, sir.

So you’re saying that if I was a woman, my bag would’ve been allowed?

[A Walk With Joe:] Source: LYBIO.net
So we – here we have a movie theater employee, who’s openly being sexist. Clearly, her point is just because he is a guy, he can’t carry a bag into the movie theatre, but she is allowing all the women to go into the movie theatre with their bags because all women carry bags on them.

[Video Clip:]
We don’t let gentlemen with big bags into our theaters…

But you let ladies with big bags?



Because – because ladies carry big bags. That’s a normal thing for ladies to do.

I don’t understand that.

Okay. So if I was a lady, my bag would’ve been allowed in?


[A Walk With Joe:] Source: LYBIO.net
That just sounds sexist to me. If you’re going to let one person do it, you have to let everyone do it. If you’re going to let women carry big bags into your movie theatre, you have to let everyone carry big bags into your movie theatre because let’s face it whether it’s a women or man, they could be carrying the same items in those big bags.

If a guy is carrying a gun on a big bag, a woman could also be carrying a gun in her purse. Duhhhh! And the reason that I bring up the subject about guns being brought into movie theaters in bags is because this was at the Wesley Chapel Cobb Theater. A little over a year ago, an irate moviegoer pulled out a gun and shot two people within the movie theatre. Yeah, he didn’t have a bag on him. This is why you need not single people out and treat everyone the same.

[Video Clip:]
I’m sorry that you have a problem with that…

We didn’t have a problem before, now i do.

It’s just – it’s just that we don’t let – um – gentlemens in with big bags.

But you let ladies.

Because they could be holding onto recording devices. For ladies it’s normal for them to carry.

Oh, so, wait, hold on… So if a lady…

A lady carries – every lady carries a purse.

[A Walk With Joe:] Source: LYBIO.net
So wait, are you saying a woman couldn’t be carrying a recording device in her purse. Really? And if you really worried about recording devices being taken into your movie theater, you might as well just want to confiscate everybody’s cellphone. Because let’s face it, everybody’s cellphone now has a built-in camera. So dumb ass, I just walked into your movie theater with a recording device in my pocket, whether it’s a purse or not, it’s the same size bag. Way to go on being sexist Cobb Theaters, bravo, good fucking job.

Anyway guys I think that it’s just about all the time that I have for you today. But remember, if you like this video, go down below and hit the like button, it looks like this.

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And don’t forget to share this video because maybe together we can stop sexism.

Its 2015, sexism does not have a place in our society anymore. But then again I guess with all the crap going on in Indiana, right now, where businesses can serve straights only, its okay for us to take a step back into the 50’s now, isn’t it?

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And also don’t forget to hit this little subscribe button right here. Because I’m going to be back everybody Friday with another video for you guys. And until next week, I’m Joe and I’ll see you guys later. MUAH… Bye, don’t be sexist.

A Walk With Joe - Sexism At Cobb Movie Theaters

A Walk With Joe – Sexism At Cobb Movie Theaters

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