80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty


80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty

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[80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty]

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Now let’s talk about nice, hard, creamy, penis. And you know what, I’m going to have cock time right now, hmm dick. And now forrrrrr……the porn.

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Episode 8:
Sandra Talks Dirty

Sandra Lee:
So first I want lay down on the counter and what’s going to happen is I want to take just a moment and I want to make myself nice and wet. And you know what else, I want to get my butt wipped with a nice wet paper towel. Mmm… And now I’m going to pull off your dick. But you know what, I always like to that wonderful porn. Oh gosh! Look at that. Mmm… I love that. And I still love it to this day.

Now this is an English cucumber and what’s great about using these is that it’s a great size look at that size. That is some good looking dick. And I want to get this into my butt. And can I tell you, honey this ass smells like heaven, delicious.

By the way, I’ve already pre-oiled my butt hole and I keep it damp towel next to me, so that I can use my fingers and then wipe them off, because its going to be difficult to get it out.

It’s another thing I love about his dick. Plus, can I just tell you, I can go all the way to the bottom and not make a mess of my nice pretty pink [Waaaaa!]

But you know what, now it’s taste time. This is beautiful butt juice and it’s gonna taste like Mario was in your ass himself. Yum. Now I must tell you it tastes a little bit like nice, big, beautiful, dick.

Wow! Smoking hot.

80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty Mashup of Quotes

80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty Mashup of Quotes

80gumdrops Sandra Lee Talks Dirty. Now this is an English cucumber… Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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