6 Unusual Body Modifications


6 Unusual Body Modifications

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[6 Unusual Body Modifications]

Some images will be replaced with non adult images for obvious reasons. If you would like to see the actual modification, feel free to do a Google search of the modification name.

6 Unusual Body Modifications

6. Extraocular Implant

An extraocular implant is the cosmetic implant of a tiny piece of decorative jewelry within the palpebral conjunctiva of the human eye.

The procedure requires both eyes be immobilized with anesthetic drops and that the implant location be isolated with the injection of liquid.

Manufactured from platinum alloy. The implant is available in several basic shapes, including star, heart, clover and music note.

Custom shapes (as seen here) are available upon request.

5. Scarification Source: LYBIO.net

Scarification involves cutting, etching or branding words designs or pictures into the skin forming scar tissue through timed healing intervals, like irritation.

In some cultures, body modifications such as scarification are considered a rite of passage.

Tribe members who are unwilling to participate are generally not included in the group’s activities.

The end result is a lifted scar that looks like a 3D tattoo.

4. Subdermal Implants

Subdermal Implants are the placement of molded silicone inside the skin. Often used in conjunction with other body modifications to create a dramatic 3D effect.

Procedure: A small incision is made down to the Subcutis layer of the skin. A dermal elevator is then used to seperate the Subcutis from the Fascia creating a pocket in which the implant is inserted. The incision is then stitched shut.

The skin then fuses around the implant creating the desired effect.

3. Tongue Splitting

Tongue bifurcation a.k.a. tongue splitting can be done by a number of different methods including cutting with a scalpel or cauterizing with an argon laser (preventin much bleeding).

When using the scalpel method, each half of the tongue needs to be stitched to help prevent them from healing together. This also gives the end result a more natural, rounded look.

Healing generally takes 1-2 weeks after which each half can be controlled independently with practice.

2. Genital Beading

Genital beading or Pearling is a type of Subdermal implant where small beads are placed inside the penis.

Though there are many other reasons for Genital Beading, it is usually done for increased sexual pleasure.

Although much more rare, there is also vaginal beading with the beads being placed in the Labia Majora or Minora.

1. Genital Bisection

Genital Bisection is like tongue splitting, but for the penis. It is simply the splitting of the penis either in part by splitting only the Glans or down the shaft to the base. In some cases, the scrotum is also split.

Though an erection is still possible after a Genital Bisection, the two halves of the penis tend to curve in toward one another making sexual intercourse (Insertion) more difficult.

Variations include keeping the Glans intact so that only the penile shaft is bisected.

Unusual Body Modifications

Unusual Body Modifications

6 Unusual Body Modifications. Genital Bisection is like tongue splitting, but for the penis. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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