2NE1 – Go Away – English Translation


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brittany @ 8:58 pm #

i love this song. i like the music video…(except where CL gets beat up by her ex) but other than that it was an awesome video!

克里 @ 4:35 pm #

Thanks for the lyrics ^.^

I just wanted to let you know that Dara is the one with Red hair ^.^
Not Bom.

roxx @ 3:46 am #

hahaha…i love this…

Lis @ 6:46 am #

Bom’s the one with red hair -__- !

Lexi @ 6:40 pm #

Who wants his ugly jacket!!!???? No one wants it. Hes so stupid.

Yui @ 2:33 am #

Sorry but hat jacket was given by CL. :)) so what do you call it so UGLY?

Yui @ 2:34 am #

Sorry but that jacket was given by CL. :)) so what do you call it so UGLY?

ç·‘ @ 9:01 am #

Park Bom is the One with RED hair, Dara the One with BROWN hair, Minzy is the One with BLACK hair and CL the One with BLONDE hair!!!

brenda @ 9:48 am #

^_^ I lov3 this SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!^_^

alfi @ 7:51 pm #

i just want to know the meaning of the boy’s dialogue at the start of the music video. can somebody translate it for me? i just know that he’s breaking up with her (based on their reactions) but i don’t know the exact words. thanks. :))

Thank you for your question, we will open this question to the LYBIO community for your answer. Your answer will be up shortly.

Malkie @ 2:38 am #

but..but.. whats the dialogue say?

We will open this to our LYBIO Community for support. If you are able to help translate the dialogue in the above video, please respond in a comment. Thank you for your question, Malkie. We will have the dialogue soon for you.

louise @ 1:37 am #

i love this song. 2ne1 rocks!! yeah. \m/

littlesky @ 12:36 am #

It’s a great songs.and I like it so much..Like this songs..a man like him should go away ..

CL have great style….

Iwonttell. @ 11:41 pm #

This song reminds me of my ex. That sob messed up my life so bad. Not once, but twice. I thought he would of learned once i forgave him but i guess not. He even expects me to let him back into my life again. He’s lied and cheated on me twice and had the balls to say he still loved me.

Monica @ 9:26 am #

When first time i hear this song,i’m very like. . . .
And i like CL voice,her are have a voice character who different. . .

Fung bili @ 7:21 pm #

Beautiful songs….

andreitot @ 7:26 am #


Gab Flatcher / Potter @ 4:40 am #

I hate CL but I like the others…

andreiitot @ 1:16 am #

>> i love this song .. i never get tired to listen this song >> ILL MET SO MUCH BETER THAN HIM SADNESS IS ONLY 4 NOW BOY .. HAHA :))

titi @ 8:43 pm #

wrong the one with the red hair is Bom..

red head between CL and Minzy

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