2 Nerds Get In Fight At Golf Course


2 Nerds Get In Fight At Golf Course

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[2 Nerds Get In Fight At Golf Course]

Calm down it’s a Four for you then.
It’s either go back there and hit your ball or get a Four right here.
You’re just mad.
No! I’m not. I’m playing the rules right. Go hit your ball that you said that it was yours.
You know what, screw it. screw it, don’t ask me the stuff you need to do. Screw it.
So screw it. You’re gonna hit a Four.
Not this club.
Oh… your back… […]
Ha ha ha …
[You] wanna throw punches.
You wanna throw –
Calm down.
You wanna throw punches.
Calm down. Like calm down. I’m not the one that tripped on the friggin goal.
You already did it.
[Name] stop – that’s it, I’m playing whether you like it or not.
Screw you.
Friggin stop.
Lets do it!
Just stop!
Then fuck off! Get get your ball back there. Go do it.
These are mine, so…
Am I right?
Am I right?
I can’t say anything.
Delete it.
Delete it. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

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