1853 Kinney Avenue


1853 Kinney Avenue

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[1853 Kinney Avenue]

[Ronald Moon Jr.:] Source: LYBIO.net
This is the first video message I’ve ever made, this is probably the hardest one I’ll ever make.

My dad bought a house 25 years ago on the same street that I live on now. And uh… I chose within the past six months to turn this house into a community centre for the neighborhood after it’s been broken into numerous times and it needed a lot of work and what not – so I’ve been over there putting in hours and hours and hours, hours and hours and today I came across the people that’s been breaking in there.

This is what they did to me.

This is what they did to me.

Right here.

Right here.

Right here.

I want to do some good for my people.

It’s hard this struggle. Sick of it.

Just trying to do the best that I can for my people.

And this is my dog [Jonie], she’s helping me – she’s helping me get through this.

I’m tired of seeing us hurt.

I kept asking them why? I kept asking them why? Why? They couldn’t say, they don’t know.

I didn’t know for years, I didn’t know why.

But it’s real, the feeling is real.

[Ronald Moon Jr.:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Don’t doubt what you hear and what you see other people – other black people tell you – don’t doubt it cause it’s real – the pain we feel is real. The hurt we feel is real. But I still love all – all my people, I love everyone.

I love you.

1853 Kinney Avenue

1853 Kinney Avenue

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